The Friday Phwoar: We Have Nothing Without Our Liberty (Sale)

Liberty. Oh, Instagrammable, beautiful, Tudor-esque store of dreams. All of Liberty’s departments are pretty wonderful, I love nothing more than a dawdle around the beauty hall, spraying hugely expensive scents all over myself. Or stroking exciting, frilly blouses that cost more than my monthly mortgage payment. We’re not here for all of that, though, are we? What do we want? HOMEWARE! How do we want it? WITH UP TO 30% OFF! And it is (although, as we all know, that means a couple of things have 30% off, some have 20% and most have 10%). However, it’s absolutely worth a browse, the Liberty homeware department is really amazingly good, with the very coolest of brands that aren’t necessarily easy to access anywhere else. Here are my top 9 picks (I could easily have done 3 times this amount). Happy Friday!

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1. Eva Sonaike Ona Pouffe
I came across Eva's work relatively recently on Instagram, and I LOVE it. Bold colour and pattern in African textiles. I want this pouffe for my bedroom very much. I also love the word "pouffe".
2. Swan salt & pepper shakers
I don't need any more salt & pepper shakers, but if I did, I would want them to be swans.
3. Society of Wanderers floral cushion
Society of Wanderers are another pattern lover's dream. Liberty have a wide selection of their wares and there ain't a duffer among them. I love this vintage floral.
4. Christina Lundsteen "Suki" velvet cushion
I've mentioned Christina's cushions before, I'm mentioning them again now, and I will undoubtedly mention them again in the future. They are exactly what I love, beautiful colours, unusual designs, absolute perfection.
5. Vaiselle oil dispenser
Who'd have thought I could crush so hard on an oil dispenser? Yet here we are. Pink and red are always a winning combo.
6. Summerill & Bishop tablecloth
This wee picture is doing this mighty tablecloth no justice, it's completely beautiful. My kids would have it covered in unshiftable pasta sauce in no time, but hey ho.
7. Doing Goods "Chelsey" Circus Box
Just a little box for keeping little things in. that makes me feel happy.
8. Bridie Hall brush pot
I adore these pots, they're a go-to gift when I don't know what to buy someone. I wish my initials came in this colour. Shall I change my name to Helen?
9. Vaiselle dessert plate
It's that checked pattern again, I am ever so taken with it at the moment. It would almost be a shame to cover this with food.

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