The Friday Phwoar: In The Dog House

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram, our household increased by one tiny member this week with the arrival of little Nell the sprocker spaniel. She’s very wee and very adorable, with enormous ears and we’re all smitten. As her primary daytime caregiver and night time companion, I am also completely knackered, and spending far too much time in the garden shouting “TOILET TIME!!” in the enthusiastic manner of Barbara Woodhouse (nice modern reference for you there) but one look in her little eyes and sniff of her little puppy-smelling head and all is forgiven.

Nell. Nellington, Nellbo, Nellbob, Nelephant.

This week’s Friday Phwoar is dedicated to 9 stylish dog beds, since I’ve been spending a lot of time researching dog paraphernalia lately. Obviously, it’s probably sensible to wait until the dog is through the pupper stage, and a bit less accident-prone and bitey, before investing in a top-of-the-range, sexy dog bed that will enhance your decor, rather than being a blot on its landscape, but I like a new project, so have started looking early. I like to know what’s out there. Things have come a long way since the days of my beloved childhood border collies, Joss and Mack, and their functional, orange plastic beds with a manky blanket in. These are my findings, thus far…….

Some of the links are affiliate links (well, one).

1. Joules wool dog bed
This is a spotty delight! I think it's an Abraham & Moon wool fabric, and it's actually the same as a blanket I have donated to little Nell-bobs (it was from a seconds bin years ago, I wouldn't donate a new one*). * I probably would
2. Cox & Cox geometric pet bed
Very nice, modern print (did I just write that? I've actually turned into a pensioner). Who knew Cox & Cox did pet beds? Not I.
3. Fatface floral pet bed
Nice ditsy print fabric, cheering colours, I like. Would look tremendous in a country kitchen featuring a faithful labrador.
4. Oka furry leopard print dog bed
I absolutely love this. Keeping it on the list for when Nellbo has control of her bladder, bowels, biting and faculties.
5. Dog teepee
A dog teepee! Teehee! I mean, I think you'd need quite a genteel sort of hound for this, one who wouldn't take it as a personal challenge to immediately take it to pieces, but v cute.
6. WOOF dog doza bed
I'm not normally a big fan of slogans in interiors, but a massive WOOF could not fail to make me happy.
7. dog cocoon
I sort of can't stop looking at this. It's very stylish! have an absolutely cracking selection of pet beds, I went to a press day a few years back and was well impressed, despite having no pet. Definitely a range to check out for the discerning dog owner/servant.
8. Charley Chau Bliss bolster bed
A colour blocking sensation. I'd be happy to sleep in here, let alone the dog.
9. Next Gosford pet bed
If you don't have your own button-backed Chesterfield can you even hold your head up amongst your peers in the park?


  1. Emily Tindall
    19 March 2021 / 7:50 am

    WOOF..there’s just something about that one! Dog beds are actually quite an its really helpful having a breakdown and some recommendations on something stylish! We have been through our fair share…including a very expensive Barbour one which was hand wash only. Surely no one has time for that? (though I should have made time as the washing machine shredded it to bits). Our favourite has to be the joules perched beds, they are washing machine safe and wipeable! Essentially for sleepy dribble and muddy paws.

    • 23 July 2021 / 9:12 pm

      Emily, please forgive my very late reply, my comments weren’t showing up! So pleased this was useful – so far, Nell has not proved to be a bed-destroyer, so I’m very relieved!

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