The Friday Phwoar: Supermarket Sweep (#1 The Asda)

I intended this week to be a Phwoar based on covetable items across all of our supermarkets, which could be thrown into our real/virtual baskets whilst doing the weekly food shop (although I’m BRACED for the opening of real life, non-essential shops next week). I started with The Asda (I always call it “The Asda”, I can’t remember why), but there was actually such a a good selection that I ended up just loitering there. So I think I’ll make a series of it, featuring a different supermarket each time, provided there’s enough decent stuff to feature of course.

There’s a dedicated Asda Living store next to my local Homesense, so going to that particular retail park is one of my best days out. There used to be a Poundworld too, but sadly it closed, and is now a carpet shop. Anyway, Asda Living is always worth a visit, in my opinion. I won’t pretend I love everything, but there are good, bargainous, things to be found, very regularly. Here are 9 of the best, from current stock (lots that I’d bookmarked a week ago had gone out of stock, sadly, but there was enough surplus nice stuff to make up the numbers).

Not affiliated with Asda. They don’t know who I am. Apart from at the local Asda Living, where they probably do, due to the amount of historic visits I’ve made.

1. Pink tasselled cushion
Chunky tassels, a good shade of rose pink, thumbs up.
2. Blue glass table lamp
Very lovely faceted glass lamp, I had originally picked out a green one which now seems to have sold out, but this baby blue is a pleasing, and unusual, alternative.
3. Giraffe print director's chairs
Two for £60 (they refer to them as a "two pack" which feels a bit weird for chairs - feels more appropriate for avocados or suchlike but I suppose they are a supermarket. Nonetheless, I like these a lot for garden sitting.
4. Rainbow beach towel
It might only see Scarborough rather than the South of France this year, but this is a cheery beach towel for a cheerier £7.
5. Green glass tumblers (4 pack)
I'm ok with tumblers being referred to as being in a 4 pack, for the record. Green is always my favourite, and this design of glass puts me in mind of happy, summery garden drinks.
6. Rainbow single duvet & pillow set
Lovely for the bairns (small people, if not of north eastern persuasion). And only £10, so it won't be too gutting when they get felt tip pen/glue/glitter/food all over it (tell me it's not just mine?).
7. Yellow pompom cushion
Very nice, looks like the actual sun, can only be a good thing.
8. Monkey print towels
Cute monkey print, and nice green/mustard colour combo - and reversible, so basically like two towels for one.
9. Pink & white striped vase
Actually a set of two, according to the website. I can never resist a stripe and these are lovely. I'm thinking bedside table, little sprig of something popping out of the top.

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