The Friday Phwoar: January mood enhancers

It’s January! It’s been great so far, hasn’t it? Just the one attempted coup in the USA, and the new strain of Covid-19 raging through the UK at a greater rate than ever before. Working while home-schooling. The same four walls on repeat. Cold. Rain. Life is a lot at the moment. While events in the wider world rage on, I’ve been distracting myself by looking at pretty things on the internet, and I feel absolutely no shame in that. Even if it’s only window (screen?) shopping, these items have all put a smile on my face this week, and I hope they might do the same for you. Hang on in there.

Some of the links used are affiliate links.

1. Christina Lundsteen cushion
Christina Lundsteen is a new discovery for me, and her cushions are outrageously good. Just look at this vision of muted rainbow loveliness. You can buy her cushions at Liberty and Matches Fashion, but they seem to sell out quickly, so I'm linking to her own site, which has the full collection. MAN, they are beautiful.
2. Print Sisters Archive print
Another 2020 discovery for me, via Instagram, Print Sisters are actual sisters who produce limited edition prints, reviving vintage textiles and artworks. I have one print already, and this Magic Beans design is next on my hitlist. You can get 10% off using code THEIDLEHANDS.
3. Stripy candles
Why are stripy candles so pleasing? I bought some of these recently and put them in candle holders on the kitchen table to replace the Christmas decorations. And I can tell you that they make me so happy, I haven't missed the decorations one little bit.
4. Strike!
For me, January is a month to always have a scented candle on the go. Cheering and mood enhancing. And what better vessel to store/strike your matches than this? Apparently these are reproductions of match strikes from 18th century France, found in bars and cafes and used as advertising. All I can say is, if I'd been at a cafe in 18th century France, I'd have concealed one in my petticoat and made off with it, rapidement..
5. Make It 1992 Again
I bought myself this Babek Gangei tee as a Christmas present. I buy myself the BEST gifts, I always seem to get it spot on! Uncanny! What can I say - 1992 was an excellent year (and certainly an improvement on 2020 and what I have seen of 2021 to date).
6. Mug
I worked with Tesco Home this week, on an Instagram campaign. I had a good rake through their homeware department, and there are some gems. This mug wasn't one of the campaign pieces, but I fondled it in store (hands sanitised) and it's good. Lovely chunky pottery. They were a bit greener than this in the flesh, which is only a good thing, in my eyes.
7. Cat planter
I'm not a cat person. But I'm very drawn to this cross looking fella.
8. Gin glasses
Remember going to bars? Where they would serve you a gin in a glass the size and shape of a goldfish bowl? All very well until you're trying to drink the dregs, and you have to tip the glass up so far you get pelted in the eyes with ice cubes and bits of rosemary. I prefer the shape of these beauties from purveyor of all things tasteful, Rowen & Wren.
9. Hottie
I cannot get warm at the moment. So much time sitting still at a laptop in the house, and I feel the chill to my very bones. I probably should have spent my money on sorting out the draughty single glazed windows, rather than spending it on wallpaper, so I only have myself to blame. This will be delightful in the meantime.

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  1. T Ford
    15 January 2021 / 12:39 pm

    So cool seeing you doing this. Impeccable phwoars as always Sandra. Txx

    • 17 January 2021 / 4:19 pm

      Thanks T! I’m thoroughly enjoying myself 🙂 xx

  2. 16 January 2021 / 11:17 am

    I am now looking around my living room wondering which of the many cushions I can sacrifice to make room for ALL the lovely Christina Lundsteen ones. Sigh.

    • 17 January 2021 / 4:17 pm

      Oh Claire, aren’t they amazing? I got one for my new leopard loveseat just before Christmas, but there are so many I love.

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