Naturalmat: Organic, Sustainably Produced Beds of Dreams

AD:PR product – this blog is written in collaboration with bed and mattress manufacturer Naturalmat (the bed, mattress, quilt and bedding were PR products) and is all about my fabulous new bed.

My previous bed situation

I’d had my previous bed since I moved into the first house I owned with my husband. It was a big splurge at the time, and it was a worthwhile one, as I was still using it 17 years later (different mattress, I’m not an animal). However, I had two issues with it: one was that it had no proper headboard, just iron bars, and I spend a lot of time sitting in bed (particularly at the moment in the bed/office, or “boffice”) which was giving me neck problems. The second was that it had a footboard, which was very pretty (and a great place to hang stuff, or use as a gymnastics bar, if you’re my youngest child) but there’s a lovely view out of my bedroom window, and the footboard obscured it. Not huge problems in the grand scheme of life, but I was in the market for a new one.

The old bed, which has now been demoted to the spare room.

Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and after approximately 3 weeks down a bed rabbithole, I found I’d pinned loads of beds with gorgeous, statement headboards, in patterned fabrics. So that was what I had in mind, and then as if by actual magic, I was contacted by Naturalmat to see if I fancied collaborating. Yes, I did.

Naturalmat: the impressive credentials

Naturalmat were new to me, so I took a look at their website, and was steadily more impressed with each page. Established in 1999, and manufacturing both beds and mattresses, they took a different approach to the rest of the trade:

We could not understand why the majority of mattresses were made using man-made, synthetic materials that were neither biodegradable nor from a sustainable source

This really gave me pause for thought: I’d never considered the eco-credentials of my mattresses before. Naturalmat’s guiding principle is that natural fibres are best, and their mattresses are made entirely without chemical additives and from a sustainable resource that is harvested according to Fair Trade principles. At the end of their life, all the materials used are 100% biodegradable and they will return to nature, as nature intended. From never having considered the eco-credentials of my bed before, this now made perfect sense.

What’s more, all of Naturalmat’s beds and mattresses are made by hand in Devon, with a team of craftspeople checking every last detail. In their words:

We believe that people, not machines, make a superior, longer-lasting product

The hands of a real person!

So, yes, I was impressed and even more so when I had a look at the range of beds available, including, importantly, one (the Rosemoor) with the exact shape of upholstered headboard I’d been frantically pinning on Pinterest! I’ll show you the picture from Naturalmat’s Instagram feed which stopped me in my tracks:

Is there a more “Sandra” bed in existence? If the fabric used here wasn’t almost identical to the wallpaper behind my bed, I’d probably have imported this vision wholesale into my home!

It’s one thing to look lovely online, but we all spend a lot of our lives in bed, and seeing them up close is always best, if at all possible. Naturalmat have showrooms in London, Devon and Cornwall and, whilst closed for lockdown at the moment, they are providing pandemic-friendly online consultations and virtual showroom tours. As Fate would have it, I had to travel to London for work last December (it was allowed back then!), so I was able to pop along to the Chiswick showroom to see the Rosemoor in person. Here’s a little video I made of the process, which might be helpful in giving you a look at the bed selection while showrooms are closed. The showroom had Covid safety absolutely nailed, I should add.

Decisions, decisions: the Fiador threw a spanner in the works

I was perfectly confident I was going to have a look at the Rosemoor, maybe have a cheeky bounce on the mattresses to pick the perfect firmness, and I’d be on my way. That was until I saw the Fiador up close! Here it is:

It was REALLY lovely and that padded headboard was a dream – supremely comfortable to sit up against and perfect for the committed bed-dweller in me. So, I was genuinely torn, and had to go home and do loads of chin-stroking. I’d have been delighted with either, to be honest, but I had to go for one and the drama of the Rosemoor’s shape won out by a whisker.

In brief, the showroom visit was a treat. It was so peaceful and calm in there, I felt like I’d stepped out of central London into another world. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, there for my questions but happy to leave me alone for as long as I wanted to look at everything (and to film myself: please know this is never not hideously embarrassing for me, but sometimes it’s got to be done!). I tried the “Splendid” range of spring mattresses and, as expected, I preferred the firmest option, but all were ludicrously comfortable. I also found it fascinating to see samples of the natural products used to make the mattresses: natural mohair, natural latex, cashmere, organic coir, cotton percale, and organic cotton. These have the added bonus of being great for allergy sufferers – Naturalmat believe that nature holds the answers here.

The Rosemoor

So, there she was: my beauty (yes, she’s her). The Rosemoor was actually designed by Naturalmat in collaboration with Homes and Gardens, which made me feel even snazzier. As I’d picked an upholstered option, there was then the question of what to upholster her in. Naturalmat have a lovely range of their own fabrics, but they also offer the option of upholstering in any fabric your heart desires (another benefit of using talented craftpeople rather than a production line). This was absolute music to my ears. I still love my bedroom wallpaper, so that was what I was working with, and I already had a sample of “Spot and Arrow” in green by Ottoline Devries, which I loved next to the paper and was dying to use. So I did. And here she is. Isn’t she magnificent?

I keep sneaking in, just to have a look at her.

I took the opportunity to put a carpet down in the bedroom prior to the bed arriving, and the room now feels completely different, much more comfortable and luxurious. I feel like a member of the Royal family.

Does it live up to my expectations?

I can answer this very briefly: it’s the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. It’s not just good, it’s extremely good. I feel like I’m being cradled by a giant cocooning hand when I’m in it. In an ideal world, I’d ban absolutely everyone else in the house from going anywhere near it and keep it all for myself, but they don’t seem too keen on this suggestion. I have, however, banned shoes, food, drink and dirty paws from the room! I initially even banned myself from having a cup of tea in bed, in a bid not to spill any on the box-fresh bedding, but a cup of tea in bed is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so that didn’t last long. The bed oozes quality and the eco-credentials are the cherry on top.

One last thing to mention is that Naturalmat also make their own range of bedding, and as part of the collaboration, I was given an organic wool duvet (heaviest weight available, as I am always freezing) and a set of 500 thread count cotton bedding (also designed as part of the Naturalmat/Homes & Gardens collaboration). I can’t rave about them enough. It’s all wonderful, extremely luxurious and it just so happens that the edging on the duvet cover and pillowcases perfectly complements the Ottoline Devries fabric. It was meant to be.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an urgent appointment with Mrs Rosemoor for an afternoon nap…..

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  1. Mary
    8 January 2022 / 9:32 pm

    Dear Sandra,

    Do you recall where you acquired the old (wrought iron?) bed? It’s gorgeous! Was it a vintage find?

    Thank you!

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