The Friday Phwoar: All roads lead to Dunelm

Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but recently I’ve been on the hunt for various household items (a shelf unit, a tray with legs, a table lamp, should you wish to know) and have found the internet consistently leading me to Dunelm. Hands up, it’s not somewhere on my immediate hitlist, but man, it’s good! I’ve been really impressed, not only with some of the stuff on offer (you have to do a bit of digging, but it’s worth it), but also the price, which tends to be much more purse-friendly than a lot of places.

Accordingly, this week’s phwoar goes to Dunelm, and nine lustworthy AND relatively bargainous pieces – there were lots more shown on site that I loved but were out of stock, which is a massive bummer. Dunelm giveth and it taketh away. I have noticed things go in and out of stock quite a lot on the site though, so worth a little stalky check-in every day or two if you have your heart set on something.

This post is in no way affiliated with Dunelm, by the way. Just me, voicing my approval. No affiliate links either, as I’m writing this late, I’m tired and they are one hell of a faff on. Happy Friday, all!

1. Mandalay duvet cover set
I'm always drawn to this style of bedding. It's usually highly expensive, this is £46 for a king size set. I think I'll be pressing "purchase" before the day is done.
2. Grey & white hand painted chest
Has the look of the bone inlay furniture I covet (and which usually costs £1k minimum, hence I don't own) but in a painted version. £50 for the large size, very nice indeed.
3. Tea towel
A highly cheering, Spring-like tea towel with a lemon print. Delightful. £2.50 (delightful-er).
4. Artichoke lamp
Now then. Artichoke lamp bases make me happy, they remind me of eccentric English country houses and I'm all in favour of those. Usually well over £100 just for the base, this base PLUS shade is 55 quid. I'd probably change or jazz up the shade, meself.
5. Furry cushion
I love this! I have a faux fur coat in exactly the same design (I don't know why I clarified that it is a faux fur, I've not seen many blue/green furry creatures on my travels). £14. Smashing.
6. Cuddle cushion
Why, oh why, Sandra, are you showing me an out of stock cushion, I hear you ask. I'll tell you. I bought my eldest daughter one of these. Then her sister. And then I bought myself one, they are BLOODY BRILLIANT! So super comfy, great for lounging upon bed/sofa, honestly one of the best things I've ever bought. They go in and out of stock (other people obviously agree with me!) but keep stalking and snap one up when they're next in. A cuddle in a cushion! £25.
7. A fine horse's head
Again harking back to the English eccentric look I love, this magnificent beast will add gravitas to your shelfie. £35 for the large size, there's also a smaller one in the sale for NINE POUNDS.
8. Lacquered tray
Everything looks better on a tray. Stack a few books on it and lob a vase on top. Bingo. Tray chic. Tenner!
9. Moroccan leaner mirror
I've been on the hunt for a possible new bedroom mirror (I have one but might need two, I've concluded). This beauty is a lovely shape, is over 150cm tall and is £110, which is at least half what any other similar one I've seen costs.

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