The Friday Phwoar: Pottering About

One thing I’m really enjoying in Lockdown The Third is watching The Great Pottery Throwdown (or The Great British Clay Off, as my youngest called it this week, to my absolute delight). It’s classic Sunday evening viewing, balm for the soul. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a competition where lots of potters compete each week in various pottery related tasks, against the clock, with one being eliminated each week until the last one standing is crowned the winner.

The contestants are all so lovely. The judges are so lovely (Keith Brymer-Jones is moved to tears by particularly pleasing sculptures at least three times per episode). The presenter is lovely. The whole thing is LOVELY. Gentle. Unchallenging. Did I say lovely? I did, didn’t I.

By way of tribute to my undisputed favourite programme, I’ve picked out nine covetable ceramics.

Some of the links used are affiliate links.

1. Polly Fern wall sconces
I'm a big fan of Polly Fern's work, it has a very English eccentric country style about it, which always reels me in. When her latest collections land in her online shop, they tend to sell out immediately. These wall sconces are a splurge, but a delightful one.
2. HK Living 70s mug set
These are giving me all the "The Serpent" vibes. Really pretty colours, which overrides the fact they have no handles are and therefore massively impractical.
3. Anthropologie Face Pot
I've had this little pot/planter for a few years, it's one that Anthropologie seem to keep in regular stock. Lovely, isn't she?
4. A fine mug
I have a real thing for a chunky, pottery mug, which may horrify those who only drink from fine china. I think these, which I found on Etsy, are beautiful.
5. Artichoke ornament
Looks like it cost £200 in Oka, actually costs £25 in Dunelm. Niiiiice.
6. Posy pot
Didn't know I needed a posy pot, now cannot live without a posy pot. What a cheering item this is. Just need a posy now.
7. Lovely vases
Gorgeous vases with a contrast line design. Would look excellent with some really colourful flowers in them
8. Bitossi Rimini Blu dish
The colour! The colour! The colour!
9. Alex Sickling poodles
I've loved Alex's work longtime and have lots of her bits and pieces at home. I covet these poodles and their lovely faces.

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