The Friday Phwoar: Top Picks from H&M Home “New In”

I don’t think I’m revealing any great secret when I say that H&M Home is all kinds of awesome. I also don’t think it matters what your personal style is, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy. I’ve only looked at the New In section of the site for this selection – any H&M fan, whether for fashion or home, knows that you need to visit (by which I mean stalk) the New In section often to nab the best bits, which always seem to sell out quickly. I’m still mourning a vase that I dithered too long over a few months back that disappeared within hours, never to be restocked. Anyway, I didn’t need to venture further into the site, because there were so many delightful things in the New In section, which made my blogging life very easy! All relatively bargainous too.

Happy Friday all, I am VERY glad it’s the weekend, even though its going to rain and I have to strip some wallpaper.

1. Cushion cover
Notwithstanding that it is always annoying when places sell cushion covers with no inner (like, we're definitely going to be needing one, we are not Flat Stanley*), this is lovely and gives me strong Anthropologie vibes at a quarter of the price. *niche '80s primary school reference
2. Speckled tin pate
Splatterware. That's a fun word! Made from tin, perfect for picnics, there are also bowls and mugs in the same range.
3. Frilly bedding
I think these tend to sell like hot cakes, so pounce, pounce, pounce. So pretty.
4. Acacia wood chopping board
Chop on it. Display it on a kitchen shelf. Serve cheese on it. Marvel at its organic loveliness.
5. Wibbly carafe
This is my favourite of the nine. A wibbly carafe! There are two differently shaped ones in the range, and matching glasses. Gorgeous.
6. Bath towel
Ever so nice for £12.99. Hang it prominently on display in the bathroom and shout at anyone who dares use it.
7. Ikat cushion cover
Once again, it's the cover only (eye roll), but these look SO good to me, there are 4 colours and you get change from 4 pounds (eye roll revoked).
8. Terracotta bowl
So many lovely, organic shapes. Time for a fruit bowl upgrade?
9. Stoneware soap dispenser
The green and the wood together are very pleasing.

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