The Friday Phwoar: Hit The Homeware Sales

All the larger stores have had their homeware sales on for a couple of weeks already, and I haven’t been organised enough to do a round up of the best bits until now. Undoubtedly, lots of the super duper, amazing bargains will have been snaffled by those more organised than I. However, there are still gems to be found in amongst the dregs, and I’ve picked my top nine for you.

Also, how is it suddenly July? I don’t really remember June? I feel discombobulated. I’m just going to hang here and await the heatwave which I’m sure will definitely descend any minute now*.

*it could be a long wait.

Some of the links used are affiliate links.

1. The Jacksons lobster woven placement
It's a lobster placemat. Who wouldn't want a lobster placement?
2. Zara embroidered napkins
I've fallen a bit in love with these. I'm torn between buying them because I love them, and not buying them because my lifestyle is 100% not one which ever requires white linen napkins.
3. Anthropologie lemon cushion
I'm a big fan of a bolster cushion, especially on a bed. I'm also very drawn to anything with lemons on it. Bingo!
4. Rockett St George faux coral on stand
Reminds me of the sort of curio an eccentric Victorian would have on display, which can only be a good thing.
5. Liberty placemat
You cannot go wring with Liberty print. These would look divine on a white tablecloth. Timeless.
6. John Lewis Matinee table lamp
The John Lewis lighting department is a hero of mine, so it always pays to check out the sales. This is a treat - unusual, a bit vintage, a bit modern.
7. Zara vase with handles
I love the 100% factual, no-nonsense names Zara give their products. Vase with handles. You always know where you are with Zara.
8. Rockett St George shell door knocker
Isn't it lovely? I already have a door knocker, but if I didn't, I'd be all over this.
9. Skye MscAlpine pitcher
Would be beautiful with a bunch of wild flowers spilling frothily out of its spout.

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