The Friday Phwoar: Nine under £25

There’s still over a week of January left. How can it be? It’s been 5 months long already! My days have actually been whizzing by ridiculously quickly, having to “encourage” my youngest daughter through a full day of home school every day (next week’s tactic: physically tie her to the chair – she’s a bolter), somehow fit in a full day’s work myself and attend to all life’s other administrative drudgery after that. I’ve also been doing the Joe Wicks plan via his app, which I’m absolutely loving – HIIT is always my favourite exercise (I say that like I’m a seasoned fitness pro – it’s also the only exercise I like. Well, I like it when I’m finished). The food is awesome and in no way a deprivation. However, that also adds 40 mins workout time to fit in, usually first thing. All in all, probably not the best time to start a blog, but I’ve carved out an hour between 2-3am to write posts 🙂

And still, January drags on. We are collectively quite skint and a bit ground down. I’ve put together 9 useful and beautiful things under £25, should you be feeling inclined towards a small treat to get you through the remainder of the month.

Some of the links below are affiliate links.

1. Little Birdie A5 print
I'm always drawn to birds, and this is a bird drawn by the excellent Instagram-fave Margo in Margate. I love everything this lady does.
2. L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream
Hands protesting at being washed (whilst singing "Happy Birthday", naturally) and sanitised on repeat? This is the very best hand cream I've ever found. Thick, non-greasy and smells heavenly. This tube is huge and will last you all year (I was going to say until the end of the pandemic, but let's not tempt fate).
3. Butter dish
Isn't this joyous? There's something very attractive about adding a bit of ceremony to the mundane. Reveal your block of butter in the manner of a waiter lifting a cloche from a fancy dinner. I suggest also shouting "TA-DAAA", "BEHOLD - BUTTER" or similar. Every time.
4. Stone sculpture
This looks like it costs a lot more than its £24.99 price tag. Whilst my taste in home decor could never be described as minimalist, I love this very minimalist sculpture from H&M. Sometimes simple pieces are needed to balance out my hectic wallpaper choices.
5. Tea towel
I unreservedly love everything Polkra stock. One of their tea towels is a budget-friendly treat, which will cheer you up every time you look at it. I have this Warhol-esque caviar tin design and become infuriated if anyone uses it for anything as mundane as drying dishes. Its a work of art and shall be displayed as such!
6. Mug
I just love his/her expression. I bought this for my eldest for Christmas because it reminds me of a face she pulls.
7. Vase
Habitat do an amazing sale, and this vase is only £10 (from £50!) in the last dregs of it. Fill it with fresh blooms, even if it's a £3 bunch from the supermarket.
8. Ottolenghi: Flavour
Ottolenghi cookbooks are always a winner, and if you're anythnig like me, you often need a culinary shake up to bust you out of the same 5 dishes on rotation. Most of us definitely have more time to spend in the kitchen at the moment, so let's seize the day! Also looks winning on display in the kitchen.
9. Abusive socks
"Stop talking". What we all secretly want to say on work Zoom calls, we can now secretly display on our socks and smirk to ourselves. There are some excellent swearier versions, but I'm trying to keep things respectable round here.

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