The Idle Christmas Gift Guide, Part 3: 50 over £50

Reinforce the sleigh, Santa! Put Rudolph on an intensive weightlifting regime! It’s time for the Big One – it’s the over £50 gift list. Once again, it is essentially a list of things I would like. In fact, I own quite a few of them already, and can personally vouch for their fabulousness, hence the inclusion.

I was trying to think of the worst Christmas gift I ever received. I think it must be the prezzie from my then-boyfriend when I was about 21. It was a small one of those slightly disappointing pasta kits you get from the supermarket (he did, I confirmed, get it from the supermarket), containing a small bag of unusual shaped pasta, a mini olive oil and possibly a few pine nuts. Now, firstly, I was 21. Yes, I probably survived largely on pasta, like all students, but I didn’t have any particular enthusiasm for it. It was just cheap and easy. My main interests were drinking booze, wearing short skirts and dancing. Secondly, IT WAS FROM THE SUPERMARKET. My dismay is not at the fact this gift wasn’t flashy or expensive, but at the fact so little thought had gone into it. Grabbed in a panic during the weekly shop! Weep! I can’t remember what I got him, but it will have been a lot more thoughtful, I can tell you. Anyway, it was my birthday 5 days later and he did much better, the memory of my crestfallen face imprinted on his mind forever.

It really is the thought that counts. I’m not advocating splashing loads of cash on people at Christmas if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to. I’ve just put this together, hopefully for a bit of inspiration, and mainly so I can send it to my husband with all the lovely clickable links (I married someone a lot better at present buying, you’ll be pleased to hear). Again, I’m banging the drum for small brands, and have included lots of my favourites here. As I said in my other guides, my personal preference when sticking to a budget is to get one great thing for the full whack of the budget, rather than lots of smaller things. I love a big, crash, bang, wallop reveal and something wonderful I can’t stop looking at on Christmas Day, as I festively drink allll the fizz.

Go and have a virtual “ooh” and “aah” and perhaps a slice of yule log as you browse.

Some of the links are affiliate links. Go!

Top row, L-R: Alice mint glass table lamp from Urban Outfitters (always some gems to be found at UO, and this is very unusual and beautiful); Dilli Grey Mor Chowk pyjama set via Anthropologie (I got some Dilli Grey PJs for Christmas last year – in fact, they were my Christmas Day outfit, since we weren’t seeing anyone – I love this colour); Fable Things knotted noodle (a newly launched small business, with very lovely things).

Middle row, L-R: Koyo brushed cotton pyjamas from Toast (investment pyjamas, but they’d make me happy every time I wore them); “All Tomorrow’s Futures” cushion from The Monkey Puzzle Tree (the fabric is woven in a tiny heritage mill local to the business, and depicts the natural world and humankind’s impact on the planet – cushions with heart); striped jumper from Cos (very good colours).

Eau Capitale fragrance from Diptyque (a new one to me, but it’s SO GOOD – rose, patchouli, I’ve been dousing myself in it for the past few weeks); Iphis card purse/wallet from Liberty (anything in a Liberty print works for me); Lucy Williams “Roman Arc” coin necklace from Missoma (Missoma is one of my all time favourite stores for jewellery, well worth a look. I got this necklace last Christmas and it’s a perfect everyday piece. If you’re quick, they have 25% off everything for Black Friday weekend).

Top row, L-R: Lacquered box from Matilda Goad (the woman can do no wrong); Anna Glover “Mirabilia” tablecloth from Polkra (the picture here does not do this tablecloth justice, it is insanely beautiful, please go to the site and have a proper look!); Bex leather boots from Shoe the Bear (again, I have these, and I do like them with a frock).

Middle row, L-R: Abstract berry red handwoven cotton cushion from Me And Smith (woven in the foothills of Jaipur, this lovely indie business works with artisans in India to preserve traditional methods of making, and to expand local business); “Start Where You Are” photography course with Laura Adams (all done virtually, Laura will transform your photography skills and have you shooting confidently in manual mode in no time. She’s wonderful, down to earth, with infectious enthusiasm and humour. There’s a Facebook group. Just do it, honestly. The next one starts in January); Projekt 26 “Lola” print by Maciej Hibner via Glassette (very cool).

Bottom row, L-R: Cherry red candy stripe tablecloth from Amuse La Bouche (WANT IT); gardener’s holdall from Grant Horticulture (snazz up your deadheading); L’eau d’Hiver fragrance from Frederic Malle (a gentle, winter scent that smells like snow (somehow) – I invested in a bottle about 6 years ago and still have some left, as I ration it carefully. It’s quite simply beautiful).

Top row, L-R: Half moon bag in Conker from Honey & Toast (an absolute classic, I bought myself one of these in the summer. Will not date, and the leather looks even better with age); Neom wellbeing pod luxe (Neom have brought out an even bigger version of their highly covetable small wellbeing pod, for scenting larger spaces); blue and white Chalice bowl by Henry Holland at Liberty (just look at it, what a treat! I feel a stack of satsumas would look excellent in it).

Middle row, L-R: House of Hackney “Flora Fantasia” velvet cushion from Liberty (dogs and children OFF, please); archive woollen blanket from Rowen & Wren (you’d have this forever, and hand it down to your next of kin); alpaca yoke sweater from Toast (the perfect Fair Isle knit).

Bottom row, L-R: Online paper marbling workshop and kit from Natmaks (I’m doing this, marbling always looks so magical and I’m dying to have a play! An interesting and unusual gift idea); organic cotton and linen “Green Clouds” shirt and trousers from Wildclouds (wear as pyjamas, loungewear, or out in the wide world. I have these, and particularly love that the top is longline, in this world of cropped everything); Vaiselle “Genie in a Bottle” vase from Liberty (everything Vaiselle make is gorgeous).

Top row, L-R: “Phoebe” tartan dress by Minkie London at Percy Langley (a beautifully cut classic, and understatedly festive); Loel & Co gold tassel hoop earrings (a lovely small jewellery company with very cute pieces indeed); support cushion by CommonRoom at Glassette (I couldn’t love CommonRoom more, they’re a gorgeous company, and this cushion was inspired by the new ways people found to support themselves during the pandemic).

Middle row, L-R: Set of 6 scallop trim napkins from Matilida Goad (told you she could do no wrong…); Ijobe pouffe by Eva Sonaike at Liberty (I find Eva’s African-inspired patterns completely joyful); Beautypie membership for 12 months (I’ve been a member for a couple of years now, and really rate their products. You pay a monthly fee, which allows you to buy products with top quality ingredients, at low prices).

Bottom row, L-R: Stripe cushion in navy scatter by Studio Janettie at Glassette (a fabulous and unusual take on a stripe); Lucy Tiffney “Little Houses” cotton blanket (go and look at all of Lucy’s lovely blankets, they’re incredible); Rowen & Wren “Lena” brass champagne cooler (impossibly chic).

Top row, L-R: Off-white Liberty nappa leather bag from Hopeful (this might be on my Christmas list – I love the chain strap you can add separately too); blue whippet lampshade from Polly Fern (I love Polly’s work, and these one-off, hand-painted lampshades are delicious); green cashmere ribbed knit scarf from &OtherStories (I’m Sandra, and I’m a scarf addict).

Middle row, L-R: “Tilda” patchwork jacket from Sideline (a wonderful, slow-fashion company, with whom I am slightly obsessed); Murus Art gift e-card (Murus is an online art gallery with a love of all things interiors, providing an accessible and friendly way to buy art, – a gift card can be used in full payment of, or towards, a piece of art); stripe leather tote bag from Boden.

Bottom row, L-R: “Eggcellent” aqua and white eggcup from Vaiselle (elevate your boiled egg and soldier experience); Riva leather platform trainer from Jigsaw (nice, versatile, reduced by 30% at the time of writing…); cerise & fuschia extra wide napkins, set of 2 from Amuse La Bouche (I quite simply love these – included in the “over £50” category as I’m sure you’d want to buy more than one set….).

Top row, L-R: “Mesmer” cushion cover from Oka (annoyingly, you have to buy the cushion pad separately, but it’s nice enough that I wouldn’t mind too much); hand hoop earrings from Jessica de Lotz (I have many of Jessica’s pieces, she’s my fave); “The Wave” scarf from Arthouse Unlimited (inspired by the sea, 100% wool, 100% lovely).

Middle row, L-R: Emu Australia “Mayberry” slippers (is there a more joyful pair of slippers in existence? I think not); “The Quilted Frill” bag from Maison M (delightful); Silas table lamp from Soho Home (everything Soho Home produce is great, well worth a rake through the site. Love the colour of the marble base on this lamp).

Bottom row, L-R: Mohair & alpaca plaid oversize scarf from Brora (it is mighty expensive for a scarf, but it is very beautiful); burgundy leather bag from Cos (understated, chic, will go with everything); “Suki” cushion from Christina Lundsteen (again, check out her whole site – unbelievably good, and unique, cushions).

And that’s a wrap (a wrap! Like Christmas wrapping paper!). I’ve festively input over 160 links to good gifts across my 3 guides, and am quite possibly suffering from some sort of yuletide repetitive strain injury. Happy shopping, lovely people. Do let me know if you buy anything I’ve suggested!

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