The Friday Phwoar: You Mugging Me Off, Mate?

I swear I sometimes only select the subject of the Friday Phwoar so I can make a crap pun. This week, I have been looking at mugs. Mugs are a somewhat divisive subject. We all know what we like in a mug, don’t we? Personally, I have no idea how anyone can drink out of an ovoid shape mug with a small rim. Novelty mugs are mainly a no-no for me, but I’d make an exception if it was amusing enough (I just can’t think of anything amusing enough, off the top of my head). I like a large mug, because a thimble of tea is no use to me. I have one mug which is bigger than some of my bowls, which I use when in need of a litre of tea all at once. See-through mugs? No, thank you. Some prefer fine china, I’m not bothered whether it’s fine china or thickly hewn from a lump of clay.

It’s all subjective, we all know what we like and we are all entitled to choose the mug-related hill we wish to die on. I looked absolutely everywhere I could think of to select the nine lovelies below, and there are a lorra lorra mediocre mugs out there. I’m almost evangelical about drinking tea, so am firmly in the “treat yo’self to a lovely mug” camp. Let me know your mug preferences in the comments, it’s a topic I am weirdly interested in!

Some of the links are affiliate links. Cover image from Henry Holland Studio.

1. Anthropologie Tutti Fruit mug
Anthropologie has the best selection of mugs of allllll the shops, in my humble opinion. I like the cheering, slightly 70s vibes of this one.
2. Nkuku Ama mug set
Splatterware is lovely-ware. I like these very much.
3. Hood Ceramics clay mug
I love a mug which looks like it's been crafted at the potter's wheel. I don't know if this one has or not, but it gives me many Great Pottery Throwdown/Ghost vibes. Lovely, unusual, yet still practical, handle.
4. Henry Holland mug
Can't stop looking at these mugs. I adore them. They are a slightly eye-twitching £50 each, with a rather impractical looking handle, but I still would.
5. Camilla Engdahl Dot mug
I would like one in each colour, and I would look at them all stacked together, and feel immediately 50% more joyful.
6. Jessica Hans mug
Handleless! Controversial! And a bit impractical when hot liquids are involved, but just look at it! I own this, but use it to store my dish-brushes in, rather than to drink from. Cool story, bro.
7. Bisila Noha Americano cup
Another handmade beauty, in a very tranquil palette.
8. Emma Lacey Everyday mug
It's all about that dimple.
9. Anthropologie Pottery Among the Rainbow mug
Love the retro pattern, and the indent in the rim looks like it would be a good lip-rest.


  1. Claire
    4 June 2021 / 8:16 am

    Oh, love these! The two Anthropologie ones are particularly pleasing. I think I couldn’t be in a bad mood if I had tea from the tutti frutti one in the morning. Years ago Anthropologie brought out a Vera-inspired collection of mugs in the US. This was one of the ones that got broken in lockdown that I still think about, to the point where I am seriously considering getting an American friend to purchase it for me on eBay. The Camilla Engdahl dots are a thing of beauty and now I want one in every colour. For me a mug must have a handle, and MUST be white inside. How else do you know how strong your tea is? Thanks, Sandra, for the inspiration.

    • 23 July 2021 / 8:56 pm

      I absolutely love your devotion to the replacement of the precious mug. I also agree about the white inside, actually – I have some with coloured inners and it never feels quite right.

  2. Theresa Gromski
    4 June 2021 / 11:55 am

    I would buy number 4 mug just to annoy my husband with its highly impractical handle 😂

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