The Friday Phwoar: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Is it on your radar? Are you excitedly planning? Or couldn’t you give a hoot? I started having a look around the virtual shops for some non-crap Valentine’s gifts and, to be perfectly honest, I was struggling. I mean, if you’re bang into soft toys and alarmingly pink chocolate, then the internet is your oyster. The things I chose could be more appropriately entitled “Things Sandra Likes That Can Be Shoehorned Into A Valentine’s Shopping Edit”, but I got there in the end.

Buy for your love, buy for your girlfriends (I will not be using the word Galentine, fyi), buy for your sensational self. And if buying is off limits at the moment, a handwritten note is always wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Some of the links used are affiliate links.

1. "I Am There" locket
Now, I'm starting off by showing you something that's out of stock. It's not helpful. But Cult of Youth have the coolest range of jewellery and these lockets (there are various phrases, all great) are something to bookmark for their return - I believe they'll be back soon. I always love the idea of a locket and the romanticism of keeping someone close to your heart. I think I'm a closet Victorian.
2. Seletti heart vase
Down with tacky heart-shaped gifts, up with anatomically correct heart shaped vases.
3. Heart shaped bookmark
Now, this is cute! You can personalise it with the initials of your best person (or yours, to remind them of you), and then bookmark them your favourite poem in the Carol Ann Duffy collection at number 9! THE ROMANCE OF IT ALL!
4. Diptyque Baies candle
It's a classic for a reason. It's divine, one of my all-time favourite scents (which, incidentally is Baies roses, not Babies, which it looks like at first glance on the label).
5. A good card
Decent cards are very hard to come by, I tried and there were slim pickings. This is a good'un from the always great The Cornrow.
6. Jessica de Lotz bracelet
A bracelet with its own arms, giving you a hug. Jessica de Lotz is my favourite jeweller, bar none. Beautiful, unique designs. I have quite a few of her pieces and may just keep going until I have them all.
7. Silken Favours cushion
Aren't Silken Favours cushions wonderful? Yes, they are. This one has a heart design, so you can legitimately request it as a Valentine's gift. Send links to your person!
8. Art Meets Art perfume
Perfume, the traditional V-Day gift. But I love this non-traditional brand. Art Meets Art mix up scents inspired by music. They do a tester set, so you can try before you commit to a big bottle. I wanted to go for Lilac Wine, being a Jeff Buckley fan, but Sexual Healing won my heart. It smells of honey and tobacco.
9. Love Poems by Carol Ann Duffy
I quite simply love Carol Ann Duffy's poetry. Unpretentious and it hits me straight in the heart.

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