The Friday Phwoar: Take It To The Maxx

Well, hey! As I have probably mentioned on several occasions, my kids are away at grandma’s this week, along with the hound. I’m still working, but it feels like a massive holiday. As I didn’t have to make anyone’s dinner, or take anyone to an extra curricular activity, I took an after-hours trip to TKMaxx and Homesense one evening (my local ones are next door to each other, and sister companies) and had a good old rake about. As I’m sure you know, both stores are absolute treasure troves, but there is a large element of sifting the wheat from the chaff, so you need to be dedicated. You also need to sharpen your elbows and grab your treasure as soon as you see it, as there’s only ever a couple of everything. Pounce!

I noted they already had their Halloween displays out, and The Maxx traditionally goes large on Halloween. So if you’re pondering whether you might need a diamante skull, or bat wreath, while you’re sunbathing in the garden, hotfoot it down to Homesense, they’ve got you covered.

Anyway, my trip was the inspiration for this week’s Phwoar. I actually went in for some pots for the garden, as they always have a great selection and they’re miles cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen. As is standard, I left with zero pots, one marble tray, two lanterns and some dishwasher cleaner. In-store is definitely a better bet than online for TKMaxx (Homesense doesn’t have an online store, but the “Home” section of the TKMaxx website is all the same stuff). However, as I can’t take you all on a big shopping trip to the local retail park with me, I’ve picked out my online nine favourites from TKMaxx’s Home section – remember to pounce if you want to buy any of them, before someone with nimbler fingers swipes them from your virtual basket!

1. Lemon plate
Reminds me of holidays in Italy. Would happily use for display purposes, rather than functional bowl duties.
2. Basket
They do tons of these little baskets and I love them. I'm trying to avoid buying them because I don't know exactly what I'd do with them or where I'd put them. This doesn't usually stop me, however.
3. FatFace pet bed
This is a huge and very prettily patterned pet bed. I know this because I bought it for little Nell and it adorns the bottom of her sleepy-crate. This dog lives the life of Riley.
4. Striped mirror
Stripes are always a good idea, and I think this would look excellent against my patterned wallpaper. Stripes and florals, the best of friends.
5. Banana leaves floor lamp
Totally tropical. Very much like the iconic one Kate Watson-Smyth has in her living room, but for £80.
6. Pink photo frame
I've noticed lots of really nice photo frames in-store at the moment, in pretty colours. I got a lovely red, patterned one, but it's not online. I appreciate that's not very helpful, but this pink lady is also lovely.
7. Coral table lamp
Looks dead classy and like it's from a far more expensive store than The Maxx. You get change from £40 too (it's 1p, but it's still change).
8. Grey upside down vase
Well, isn't this adorable? Topsy turvy prettiness.
9. Gold & black cage candle holder
These are big lads in real life and, once again, I know because I bought a couple in store this week. I thought they looked very elegant, and plan to use them in the garden dining area. I don't think they're meant for outdoors, so I'll need to look after them carefully, which I 100% will, and definitely won't leave out in the rain. Not me.

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