The Friday Phwoar: Soho Home, I Love You So-ho Much

There has been a hiatus between the last Friday Phwoar and this one. Summer intervened. However, it is back. Back again. Phwoar is back. Tell a friend. Unfortunately, the whizzy little plug-in I usually use to create the Friday Phwoar is having something of a tantrum and is currently refusing to work, so it’s a little basic this week, but only in format. This week, I’m worshipping at the altar of Soho Home.

Soho Home is my interiors catnip, my Connell from Normal People, my Holy Grail. Everything is elegant. Everything is beautiful. Admittedly, it’s not at the bargainous end of the scale, but then these are investment pieces, keep forever pieces, that you buy because you can’t stop thinking about them. There is also the ‘Soho Home +’ option, where you pay £60 for the year, and you get 15% off everything, free delivery, and various other spiffing benefits. Definitely worth considering if you’re making a big purchase.

Whether you’re in the market for a blowout, or just ogling, here are my top 9 picks. Wishing you the happiest of autumnal Fridays.

All photos in this post are from the Soho Home website

Top row, L-R: Osprey throw, Luigi table lamp, Sofia footstool.

Middle row, L-R: Carlisle bedside table, Dunloe chair, Lorenzo chandelier.

Bottom row, L-R: Seed chandelier, Aida egg cups, Ellis chair.

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