The Friday Phwoar: How’ve You Bin?

It’s been a fairly boring, grey, cold, rainy week (COME ON, MOTHER NATURE, BRING OUT THE SUN, WOMAN!), and I’m not sure I’m doing anything to alleviate that by writing about bins. They are, however, necessary, and I’ve been looking at what’s out there as I need a couple of new ones. I’m talking waste paper baskets, as opposed to kitchen bins. To be perfectly honest, I need one in most rooms, for the eternal stream of wrappers and general rubbish strewn about by my family. I have many bin-related rules too, like NO BANANA SKINS IN THE WASTE PAPER BINS (they stink) and NO COKE CANS IN THE WASTE PAPER BINS (my husband always does this and they leak brown drips and ruin the bin). Yes, I am very fun to live with, thanks for noticing.

There seems to be very little middle ground in the waste paper basket market. I opted not to include the Fornasetti bin I found for £1,035, but there are quite a few nice ones around the £100 mark (I know, I’m not suggesting we go there) and then quite a few decent ones for £20-ish (better). Here’s what I’ve whittled it down to…

Some of the links are affiliate links.

1. Wilko striped bin
Who doesn’t love a good old rake around Wilko? This striped number is only £7, I’m tempted to get one to store the ridiculous amount of dog toys we now own.
2. Umbra wooden bin
I think this is a bit of a design classic. It comes in loads of colours and wood-effect finishes and is practical and wipe clean. I’ve got one in my office (yes, the one my husband stole).
3. Etsy William Morris print bin
If it’s a Morris print, I’m in! I see no reason why a waste paper bin shouldn’t be as delightful as your walls. Beautiful AND useful. William M would approve.
4. Mackenzie Childs checked bin
Fancy! Not the most economical of options at ninety quid (yoinks) but it’s undoubtedly a looker.
5. HAY Shade bin
HAY make very well designed bins (and other things) and this is no exception. Comes in a variety of pretty colours, and I like the (partial) lid. We don’t need to see what we’ve lobbed in, do we?
6. Conran striped woven bin
Stripes, always good. Conran, always classy.
7. Wilko ochre linen bin
Back to Wilko again, and OMG, it’s only a fiver. It says it’s ‘faux linen’, so abandon the notion that it’s wrapped in the finest of fabrics, but a lovely pop of colour, innit?
8. Julia Knight Cascade bin
Another fancy-pants offering, this is a metal bin with a rather lovely bronze finish. It’s also £135, but if you want to make an investment in your waste disposal, I’m the last person to judge…
9. HAY Paper Paper bin
Another design-led piece from HAY, which is very pleasing and, again, comes in a variety of colours.

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