The Friday Phwoar: Everything but the kitchen sink

Hello! I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week, for one reason and another. Also, my eldest daughter’s school did a wonderful thing and finished early on Wednesday, telling all the pupils to go and do something fun, which didn’t involve being online. She decided to do a spot of baking, banished me from the kitchen and only allowed me back in when she had a large stack of perfectly cooked brownies. I was DELIGHTED with this new development, apart from the fact she used absolutely every bowl, spoon and other utensil I own and skipped off leaving me to clear up. Still, I got to lick the bowl(s).

And thus, this week’s objects of lust are all kitchen-based beauties.

1. OYOY cake stand
If you've gone to the bother of baking, then the least you can do is show it off on a fancy cake stand. I love the colours of these stripes. You can also proceed directly to the supermarket, buy a cake and lob it on here, I won't tell anyone.
2. Footed bowl
Add feet to a bowl and it becomes at least 47% more desirable.
3. Anthropologie tumbler
You can always rely on Anthropologie for good glassware, and I love this honey coloured number. Slightly retro and very pretty.
4. Enamel tumbler
Another good tumbler, this time a splatter-effect enamel one. Great for the kids (unbreakable). Would also make an excellent pot for pens or toothbrushes.
5. The prettiest plate
Scalloped edges are having a prolonged moment, and I'm very invested. A beautiful plate, and there's a full range of different sizes/colours/bowls etc. Adorable.
6. Millstone salt & pepper mills
I worked with Millstone mills on an Instagram collaboration. They're an English family-run brand and have been making really high quality salt & pepper mills for decades. I've been using mine for a few months and they are quite simply the Rolls Royce of the mill world. Love them, and they'll last you until you're drawing your pension.
7. Coasters
Another wonderful product from Polkra (everything they do is lovely). These are coasters from a collaboration with artist Anna Glover, they're inspired by folklore and mythical animals.
8. Green stone salt & pepper pots
I love green stone, it looks well classy, innit? Also, spooning salt & pepper into your cooking feels very fancy, rather than shaking it straight out of the packet, and I'm all for a bit of fanciness.
9. Tala Cook's Measure
Whilst I don't have a whole lot of retro-kitsch items in my kitchen, I'd make an exception for this. Really nice AND useful.

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