The Friday Phwoar: Colourful Cushions

It’s no secret that I love a cushion. It’s probably also no secret that I scroll past unpatterned, plain-hued cushions faster than I scroll past all those “Hello pretty lady, how are you today” messages that we all love to receive in our Instagram DMs. That said, I am fiercely loyal when I find a cushion I love. I have cushions on my sofas that are older than my children, brought with me from my last house and still beloved.

I think cushions are one of those things you should really love, and which should make you happy every time you look at them. No-one is going to get a warm feeling from a limp beige number bought half-heartedly for £3 from the discount superstore. I’m not saying you need to spends loads either – H&M is always great, and some of my favourites in my own house are these spotty lovelies from Ikea, which cost a whopping £2.75 each for the covers, and look and feel like they cost a whole lot more. The trick when you buy a cover, or even a cheaper cushion which might be lovely but look a bit flaccid, is to either stuff it with a cushion pad that’s slightly too big for it, or use two pads of the correct size. Et voila. Instant luxe.

Some of the links used are affiliate links. The cover shot is taken from the wonderful Susi Bellamy’s website, and shows her Beige Ripple Kaleidoscope print (which I also own on a cushion!).

1. Anthropologie "Hotel Magique"
The whole of the Hotel Magique collection is lovely, I particularly like this one featuring The Dove From Above (which isn't what Anthropologie is calling it, but they should).
2. Silken Favours "Freaky Floral"
I own and love this cushion and it brings me daily joy. The colours are incredible.
3. The Curious Department "Opium Blush"
The lovely Curious Department were the first brand I ever collaborated with on Instagram, and they will always have a special place in my heart. True story: I had this, and their Electric Lagoon, cushions on loan to photograph and I ended up buying both so I didn't have to send them back.
4. Susi Bellamy "Pink Star"
I was lucky enough to win one of Susi's cushions in an Instagram competition a little while back, and was hooked. Really gorgeous designs, inspired by Susi's love of colour.
5. Coco & Wolf
I'm pretty obsessed with Coco & Wolf. Incredible pattern and colour clashing, I'd happily give a home to all their lovely textiles.
6. Christina Lundsteen "Frida"
I will never do a cushion-related blog post without featuring one of Christina's cushions. I have genuine loving feelings for her work. Look at this beauty!
7. Eva Sonaike "Ijoba"
I featured one of Eva's footstools the other week, and promptly influenced myself to buy it. Oops! I love this vivid green print, just joyful.
8. House of Hackney "Hollyhocks"
An excellent ruffle, a good pun. And that is all I need.
9. Claire Elsworth "Dante"
Claire's cushions are squidgy works of art. I have one of Claire's beauties on my kitchen sofa, and would you just look at the colour of this one? Opulent.

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