The Friday Phwoar: Bathing beauties

Are you a bath or a shower person? Only one is allowed, it’s the law, like with dogs and cats. I am emphatically a bath person (and a dog person, fyi). I mean, I’ll have shower on a morning, if I have to get up and out quickly, but at all other times I like to make like a French aristocrat, or pampered lady of the manor, and wallow in the tub with low lighting, a book, music and all the fancy products I can cram in. The shower enthusiasts always say the same thing about “not wanting to wallow in their own filth” in the bath. To which I can only wonder how filthy they are? Ew.

I am not here to start a bath -v- shower war, however. We are all good friends. Another lockdown saviour for me has been the extra time available for a long soak in the bath, or indeed a long, hot, shoulder-pummelling shower, if you really must 😉

I’ve picked out a few bits to prettify your bathroom or just enhance the whole experience a little. It’s the closest any of us are getting to a spa for the foreseeable.

Some of the links used are affiliate links.

1. Leopard print towels
Much as I love a fluffy white towel, I also love a colourful one (they're a lot more forgiving and don't end up grey!). I have this leopard print hand towel in my downstairs convenience and love it. Bath towel size would only enhance the joy.
2. Photogenic toothpaste
Pretentious enough to buy toothpaste because it looks good on the bathroom shelf? Why, yes! Yes, I am! Marvis packaging is outstanding. Comes in many colours/flavours.
3. Loo roll/magazine rack
Well isn't this a clever combination? And terribly pretty too. I have some regret at not using one of these in my downstairs powder room.
4. Amber glass bottle
How about decanting your supermarket shower gel and Head & Shoulders into a few of these? Instant sophistication, pretend they came from a Parisian apothecary.
5. Washed linen bathrobe
I think these are an absolute bargain from H&M, they look like they cost a lot more than they do. They also look very pleasant hung on the back of the bathroom door, which never hurts.
6. Floral tumbler
Never overlook Urban Outfitters as being a shop only for the young hipsters of this world (although they consider 90s clothing "vintage" - weep!). They have some absolute gems in the homeware section, like this adorbz little tumbler for your toothbrushes.
7. Bath caddy
I look at this bath caddy often. I've been in love with it for well over a year and it would be so gorgeous on my copper bathtub. Pricey, but beautiful. I covet thee.
8. Bathmat
There are tons of cheery bathmats on the market now, they're a great way to add a bit of personality to a bathroom. Some slogan ones I like, some less so, but this one from Anthro gets my seal of approval. Again, this is something Urban Outfitters also do well, in my humblest of opinions.
9. Sophisticated soap
I am always drawn to paper-wrapped soaps. They're nostalgic and smell lovely and the packaging is so beautiful. I don't often use soap in bar form, but it doesn't stop me buying the odd one - they look lovely displayed in a bathroom, and it's a good way to reduce plastic consumption too. Anything Liberty print gets me weak at the knees - just look at these! Homesense/TKMaxx usually have a brilliant selection too, you'll be able to literally sniff them out in store.

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