The Friday Phwoar: A Love Letter to Anthropologie

If you take a look at my home, and then take a look at the Anthropologie site, you will see a certain synchronicity. One of my all-time favourite shops, I was (and remain) over the moon when an actual real life store opened in Leeds a few years back. Their homeware range is great. I find their clothing range pretty expensive, on the whole, and sometimes it strays too far into “enthusiastic art teacher” territory. That said, there are always some winning pieces to be had (I’ve included some in this week’s Phwoar, as I like clothes as much as interiors). The homeware stuff is relatively reasonable, however, and can always be relied on for a quick pick-me-up, a nice gift, or just a scroll through the site and a happy sigh. Their initial mugs are always my go-to for Secret Santa and teacher gifts. I was delighted and slightly smug to see Polly’s teacher using the one I got for her Christmas present on all of her Zoom lessons in lockdown. Go me.

Here are my 9 top picks for this week. Some of the links are affiliate links.

1. Meadows Lupin Floral Blouse
I love Meadows, home to all things floral, embroidered and high-necked. I've got a few pieces, including a dress that makes me look convincingly like an actual pilgrim, and I'm more than fine with it. I'm delighted that Anthropologie stocks some of the range and this blouse is very me.
2. Appoline Salt & Pepper Shakers
So many good salt & pepper shakers, so comparatively little salt and pepper actually required in life. These are very pretty.
3. Delissa Duvet Set
I mean, just look at it. It would be too full on with my bedroom wallpaper, but I absolutely love the print.
4. Chiara Glasses
I wish I hadn't seen these, because I can't stop thinking about them. I don't need them. I want them.
5. Tanya Heeled Sandals
Can someone please invite me somewhere fabulous so I can wear these? And turn the currently freezing temperatures up so my toes don't fall off?
6. Shelley Task Lamp
Marble, brass, shell-shape. I would like to complete my tasks beneath this lamp.
7. Clare V Maisonette Mug
I have the set of plates from this collection displayed in my £5 bargain display cabinet in the kitchen. Rather love the mugs too, although query whether they can hold sufficient tea for my incessant demands.
8. Hotel Magique Pitcher
This whole collaboration range is v pleasing, there are lovely cushions and other crockery. I don't own a decent pitcher, only a £5 placcy one from Asda. I need to up my pitcher game in advance of all the social gatherings I will insist on having once we're free.
9. Dilli Grey Napkins
The BEST news I heard all week is that Dilli Grey have launched a collaboration with Anthropologie. I'm a long standing fan of Dilli Grey, I own numerous dresses and a lovely tablecloth, throws and rug from Vickie's beautiful collections. I'm thrilled that this has happened for her. I'm always a sucker for block print and I adore these napkins.

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